• Migrants in crisis

    The issue of migration continues to be a focal point in national policy debates and international discussions on a wide range of issues, such as the economy, demographic shifts, social dynamics, and even climate change. With the number of migrants in the world now over 232 million men, women and children, and with no indication of slowing down, it has truly become one of the top global concerns. That is why governing bodies and civil society need to factor migration, and the plight of migrants into their policies, not just in relation to economic gain, but to ensure the dignity of the migrants who, unfortunately, seem to be treated as objects, and not humans, in the plan of development... Read more.

    Migrants in crisis
  • Migration: Opportunities and costs

    During the 2014 Synod on the Family in Rome, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle brought to the fore the main reason why Filipino families are torn apart. While many Western families are divided by divorce, Filipinos are “separated out of love” because they have to work abroad to provide for their families. While employment-related migration has become a common phenomenon in the Philippines, utmost care and concern for the plight and welfare of Filipinos working abroad should be a paramount concern not only of the government, but of those who benefit from remittances or who have been left behind... Read more.

    Migration: Opportunities and costs
  • “Flight into Egypt”: Past and present

    The Gospel narrative of the “Flight into Egypt” is rarely discussed, if at all commemorated, in Church liturgy today. Many have, therefore, lost sight of its significance in relation to the accounts of Jesus’ infancy. However, the story finds its true meaning today in the “plight” and “flight” of thousands of refugees around the world, who, like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived in fear and uncertainty while in exile... Read more.

    “Flight into Egypt”: Past and present

the searcher's path | that irresistible look

How is a vocation born? Where is its origin? What is its very first moment? The answer is somewhat obvious: a vocation is born in the heart of God! How and when, however, does it manifest itself in the heart of a person? When one perceives to be gazed upon by the Lord.

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extraordinary people • Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine is commonly recognized as a third-century bishop and martyr, commemorated on February 14. He is moreover associated, since the High Middle Ages, with the tradition of courtly, romantic love. St. Valentine’s link with people in love is mostly legendary, but it enriches the sexual, simply human love, with a religious, mystical dimension. Given the contemporary need of understanding…

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insight • renewed evangelization

Modernization, secularization, and the resulting social mobility are often perceived within Church circles as evils that are detrimental to faith and morality. However, these agents of social change can be used not only to improve and transform society but also as means to evangelize towards the attainment of the “New City” founded on Christian values referred to in the Book of Revelation.

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in focus | a different world

Back then, cultural identity was simply defined by natural selection, geography, and locale-specific customs and traditions. However, because of migration, rapid trade and industrialization, cultural identity is easily blurred, if not constantly shifting or evolving. Factors that influence such rapid change seem to be easily accepted, but is the loss of identity, as a result of these factors,…

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