• Mercy: Divine magnanimity

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    Mercy: Divine magnanimity
  • Compassion: A way of dialogue for Asian cultures

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    Compassion: A way of dialogue for Asian cultures
  • Compassion fatigue in the world today

    Compassion fatigue in the world today
  • Asia and Evangelization

    Asia is truly the Pearl of the East, a cradle of rich cultures and deep religious traditions. It is a true treasure not confined to its geographical area but one that spreads far, like a fragrant aroma, through its great contribution to Early Christian expansion and, today, through the commitment of many Asian missionaries who labor both ad intra and ad extra, making evangelization.

    Asia and Evangelization

wm special • mercy & compassion at the heart

Since his election as Bishop of Rome, mercy has been the hallmark of Pope Francis’ pontificate. It seems, however, that the Holy Father has to expend a great deal of energy to demonstrate what true mercy is because many in the Church do not seem to understand or know what it is. Many mistake it as mere adherence to the law. As the Year of Mercy begins, may Catholics take up the challenge of…

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wm special • mercy & compassion at the heart

Asia is known for its rich cultural diversity as well as its myriad of religious beliefs and persuasions. In the midst of these innumerable influences, a common theme, seemingly the backbone of most of these creeds, is compassion. Be it in the writings of Buddha, the pronouncements of Confucius, the hymns in the Rig Veda, or the revelations in the Koran and the Bible, all seem to point to a…

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wm special • mercy & compassion at the heart

These days, newspapers and news programs are teeming with stories of indifference, cruelty, and injustice of man against his fellowman. When stories of honesty, kindness, or compassion do make it to the front pages, we hear comments like “faith in humanity is restored,” as if kindness has become a rare commodity in a society that has become hopelessly cruel. Although mankind has not turned evil,…

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