• Pope Francis and interreligious dialogue

    Two years after he was elected pontiff, Pope Francis’ attitude of friendship has been making a very positive impact on people of all creeds and faiths around the world... Read more.

    Pope Francis and interreligious dialogue
  • Dialogue between civilizations: An Islamic view

    In his masterpiece, "Meditations in Sufism and Religious Dialogue," Giuseppe Scattolin depicted the marking features of the current historical moment of globalization... Read more.

    Dialogue between civilizations: An Islamic view
  • God of life

    During my trip to Mexico two months ago, I was privileged to witness the mission work being done by some courageous Comboni Missionaries among the Mixtec people on the mountains of Guerrero.... Read more.

    God of life

THE SEARCHER'S PATH • The art of listening

We live in an age in which communication plays a role of major importance but, paradoxically, everyone wants to speak and few are willing to listen. It seems that today we no longer have ears to hear.

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Extraordinary People • Maria Bonino

Before the present onslaught of Ebola in West Africa, another similar epidemic claimed the lives of hundreds of children in Congo and, with them, the life of the woman doctor who was caring for them, Maria Bonino (1953-2005). Inspired by the example of her Christian family, she served a dozen years with CUAMM-Doctors with Africa in different countries of that continent before being called to seal…

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IN FOCUS • People of the rain

God chose to immerse Himself in our own human reality, in a concrete culture and society. The Word became flesh in a simple family at Nazareth with their own dreams and hopes. The unexpected pregnancy raised doubts and drew criticisms from neighbors towards those directly involved, Mary and Joseph. To come to terms with the plan of God revealed in Jesus was not an easy task for these people. A…

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INSIGHT • Celebrating faith

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Thailand had declared a Holy Year, starting on December 6, 2014 and closing on December 12, 2015, in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the First Synod of Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the country, which was held in 1664. It is considered like the starting point of the first evangelization in the country and in the region. The Holy Year also coincides…

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