• Asia’s heavenly panorama

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    Asia’s heavenly panorama
  • The horizon of Christian life

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    The horizon  of Christian life
  • Lilies of the battlefield

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    Lilies of the battlefield

the searcher's path • CREATED FOR LOVE

Our common vocation to holiness is the universal vocation to love. All vocations have, in fact, the same invitation. Saints and mystics found in the Song of Songs, the ultimate love poem – the love between the soul and its lover, the Church and Christ, the faithful and Mary. But there is no doubt that it was written as an expression of human love. Without this deep bond of affection, even…

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extraordinary people • Mother Ignacia & Takayama Ukon

Two outstanding Asian public figures are on the threshold of canonization, according to well-founded inside information. They are very different in personality and in the details of their lives. Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo in the Philippines promoted, with a life consecrated to prayer and apostolate, a prophetic emancipation of indigenous womanhood, and Takayama Ukon in Japan embodied the…

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After the overhaul of the religious life by Vatican II, many religious women are still struggling , if not confused, about their “new calling.” Up until today, their actions are being misunderstood, even by the Church itself, because of this re-orientation. However, many women religious are convinced that the direction they have taken is appropriate and is a reflection of the true and the same…

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wm special • Holiness in Asia

The tragedy of the atomic bomb is the background of Dr. Paul Takashi Nagai’s holiness in the spiritual anguish of finding a reason for it. Agneta Chang, on the other hand, represents the absolute faithfulness to her people when the communist storm was swallowing them. Meanwhile, Shigeto Oshida is like a zen flower, blossoming from a war witness of heroism. Three inspiring, noble, truly Asian…

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